Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is a journey into the world of the past and the present noble appearance!

Until present day reclaimed wood furniture has no competitors among other items of interior decoration. Many people are keen on reestablishing harmony and comfort within their own home or apartment, and therefor reclaimed wooden furniture is one of the best designs to give the interior a noble and peaceful atmosphere.

Reclaimed wood furniture reveals to us an internal portal to the past, without a trace gives the pieces of the history that we have lost, shares with us their positive and vibrant energy. We are modern people and can not back to the origins of the universe, but perhaps artfully recreate the life and culture of our ancestors in the interior of his house.

Reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

 Recycling furniture is made from wood rescued from old wood in buildings, ships, bridges, warehouses, and sometimes large chunks of old furniture. Reclaimed wood may be hundreds of years. It gives for a wood a nice texture and color with a rich warm patina and amazing character. Using reclaimed wood in manufacture of furniture is ecologically clean choice for the fashion house today. To use saved wood for furniture is an excellent way for the utilization of the wood which has already been used before. Recycling wood helps to save our forests, which decreases presence of carbon and impact on the environment of the Earth.

Bar made from reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood furniture

Modern furniture is functional and simply: the maximum possibility and minimal cost. A huge number of cabinets, drawers, shelves and niches are possible use every millimeter of space, tables and chairs with no decoration and finishing have in the best case original form of decoration doors, legs or chair back. Reclaimed wood furniture different from modern furniture with complex lines and shapes a careful study of details and original colors.

Very beautifully look use of the of wooden furniture with dark hardwood floors. Such a combination shows good taste of the owner.

Repurposed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

Methods of production


Production of artificial antique furniture of reclaimed wood can be done in two ways:

The first method is a clever copy forms, which are inherent in the chosen style. Modern tools make it easy to recreate the complex composition of the furniture in the short terms. Carved curved legs, heads of lions on the armrests, chairs in the classic style of the Baroque are manufactured on modern woodworking machines.

Recycled wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

The second method uses the artificial aging of the surface of wood furniture. It is an imitation of abrasions, cracks, chips or burnout. In this method for the effect of aging usually use paint formulations intelligently combining them and using thermal or mechanical effects. Noble crack on and antique furniture which are gradually formed on the surface can be easily reproduced by extreme temperatures or use paint finish with different compositions of coagulation. When the designer creates a project of wooden furniture, every detail is thought out in a special way and embodied. There are many methods of aging furniture in our days. Method of patina widely used in decoration. This technology is used for visual aging interior. Patina is a special membrane, which creates a surface «touch of antiquity.» After applying the composition to the interior, the patina is sealed to the surface through the varnish. This technology provides an excellent and natural aging effect because create well-visible natural texture of wood.

Pine wood in manufacture of furniture


Reclaimed wood furniture from pine wood is popular today. The texture of this tree is particularly pronounced and looks great. It is perfectly suited for artificial aging of the furniture. In general, pine raw material is economy class, but use it when creating furniture is justified his useful and unique features. It has a beautiful natural pattern, strength and ductility in the treatment of various compounds and polishes. This pine`s property is very important for the process of aging since the effect is achieved by a special varnishing and painting and the tree should be responsive to such procedures. Besides, many species of wood since lost its original color which may also affect the appearance of antique furniture. As a rule, reclaimed wood furniture decorated with various elements of forging pieces of suede and leather.

Recycle wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

Wooden furniture has been widely used in the compositions of the interior of country style and folk, as well as in a rustic interior. Increasingly, you can find reclaimed wood furniture in the title role of interior rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. The huge popularity of this furniture is in the design of hotels, country houses, bars, restaurants, etc.

Reclaimed wood furniture is very original and distinctive. It gives any interior unique view and generosity. It is sturdy and durable things that can serve long life to their owners, as opposed to standard objects of interior life.

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