Furniture for your living room

Choosing furniture for your living room

Construction of the living room is always a special passion and generosity. Still, after all, it must have a truly magnetic attraction to it with pleasure going to the closest people to you that are here want to share secrets, plans for the future, remember the nice stories of life and just relax. To make room at the present meeting place, you need to wisely buy the most significant pieces of furniture for living room.

Upholstered furniture

What do you do the first thing came into the living room? Of course, sit down on the sofa. That is why this piece of furniture we give first place in the ranking of the main subjects of the house. It should be noted that the sofas in recent years much «evolved.» Some attempts to «cross» them with various pieces of furniture and interior design have been so successful that today the conventional sofas, where you can only sit or lie down, look, at least, old-fashioned.Low living room furniture

The latest trend — media furniture. It integrates stereo, which can be connected to any modern player. However, the cost of such copies are not low — between 200 and 000 rubles., So you have to weigh the «pros» and «no»: If you are an ardent music fan too, it may be advantageous to purchase a set of low-cost equipment. In modern sofas are made and conclusions of cables so that they can directly connect the appliances, and, without getting off the couch, surf the Internet and write letters. But perhaps the most useful function can be called a health massage. Imagine sitting on your regular chair suddenly starts to give not only relaxing, but also a wonderful therapeutic effect. Trying to cross a sofa cabinet furniture, too, failed. Now in their backs appeared built shelves and drawers, and a mandatory attribute of the armrests, tray table was. Do not lose relevance and sofas, made up of modular sections. Ability to use various combinations of attaching and push the footstools attracts many people who appreciate mobility. Well, one more thing, which is now also coming to the fore in the choice of upholstered furniture — it’s interior. «The style of furniture defines her clothes» — say the designers and create these «outfits» from which breathtaking: lush «dress» with lots of wrinkles or unusual upholstery with optical effects, giving birth to an impressive visual illusions.

You can also waste your time in the garden and there for you need garden furniture.

Furniture for living roomLow living room furniture

Second place in the ranking of the main things in the living room is the so-called «wall», or any of its modern interpretation. In its functional features of the accent changed and now it is, above all, where is all the necessary equipment, as well as the accompanying accessories and media. In this regard, and the construction of the «walls» have become easier — easier and more transparent. Often, it is generally replaced with open shelving, the shelves are filled with free books and decorative products. The tendency to minimize offered to give not only on the facades, but also from a lot of furniture in favor of a single compact enclosure. However, in this case, its design is given paramount importance. An interesting fact is that as soon as the walls in our homes, thanks to the zeal of builders have become more smooth, there was a deliberate fashion, «oblique» cases. In such an embodiment, executed and wood, and metallokarkasnye design.

The idea to combine furniture with a technique inspired and manufacturers of furniture. So there were storage system with built-in video equipment. They LCD-monitor is hidden in the facade of a layer of tinted glass and becomes visible only after pressing the button on the remote. Some manufacturers also offer a current-carrying rack that eliminates dangling wires on the type of equipment. If you are still important enough to get a roomy closet, where it will be possible to hide everything that is not the decor, it is advisable to pay attention to the walls with bright facades. Today, valid juicy colors and their most contrasting combinations. Elevations make striped or painted every door in your color. By the way, colors can be more than two — range of diluted multiple shades and this furniture is even more elegant and attractive. Completes the image of the glossy surface, through which shines the furniture, getting a special kick.

Living room is the place were you waste your free time. There for you need comfortable furniture for living room to have a rest.