Garden furniture

Garden furniture made from wood

Durable outdoor furniture made of wood depends on the properties of wood: the better the mechanical characteristics of the breed, the longer it will serve. For hard breeds, which are often used for creating garden furniture include teak, merbau, zebrano, American white oak, larch and ash.

North europe furnitureHow to care about garden furniture

When choosing furniture you must make sure that the wood preservative treated carefully preferably in an industrial environment. The only exceptions are a few breeds with a high content of oily substances, such as teak and merbau. In our weather conditions furniture from this tree can be used year-round in the open air without additional protection. However, the long-term presence in the open air merbau and teak can change the color to silver-gray. To restore the original color of the furniture should be treated with special oil or linseed oil. Resistance to damage attacks also affects the life of the construction of wooden furniture. Folding wooden furniture has a significant drawback. This is a weak connection node of the tree of time warp, which creates an additional burden on any mount. All wood furniture weighs a lot. On the one hand, this is an advantage — a strong wind will not be able to turn it, on the other hand, to move this furniture to the site will be difficult for one person.

You can also artificially age your garden furniture.

WICKER FURNITURE GARDEN OF NATURAL MATERIALS (Vine Willow, rattan)Making garden furniture from wood

Traditional natural materials are rattan wicker furniture and wicker willow. However, the rattan has several advantages, which over time will reflect positively on the appearance of the furniture: rattan is more elastic, has no knots, rattan stems with the same diameter along the entire length allow you to create wicker with a minimum number of joints. However, from the sudden changes in daily temperatures, frequent changes in the cool wet and dry days of sunshine every wicker furniture cracks along the grain and acquires a shabby appearance. Do not leave it in the open air: it will serve longer if you will stand on the porch in the gazebo or covered terrace. For the care of wicker furniture does not require any special tools. However, it has a weak point in time in the expansion joints of stalks accumulates a different dirty, which is difficult to remove without damaging the protective coating products.


The artificial rattan is a synthetic fiber. It consists of rubber and special additives. This material is ecologically pure, non-toxic and resistant to large changes in temperature and does not fade in the sun. In contrast to the natural, it does not possess sufficient rigidity, so it woven onto a metal (sometimes plastic) frame. The durability is due to the use of the characteristics of the cord: it can be arbitrarily long, which allows you to weave the details of any size and complexity. The polymers are more resistant to fluctuations of weather: it is easy to tolerate heat and cold.

How to care about wicker furniture from synthetic materials

Garden wicker furniture made of synthetic materials can be washed right out of the hose with a brush without fear of damage. However, it should be protected from fire and cigarettes, which could melt the cord and spoil the appearance of the product. Also, for the garden you can choose metal furniture and furniture made of plastic.

METAL FURNITURE FOR GARDENReclaimed wood outdoor furniture

For durability, vandal-proof and easy maintenance, metal furniture is a leader. Usually metal furniture produced of aluminum or steel. It can be forged. The seats and backs of chairs are made from fabric, metal or polyester mesh, synthetic rattan, plastic. The metal can be painted in different shades and artificially aged. However, metal furniture. There are some features that should be considered in use: the furniture is heavy, usually do not stack and not parsed, when used on soft ground or gravel legs may be uneven to fall.


Durability: plastic rather fragile material, easily lends itself to external influence: scratches, dyes, ultraviolet. At the same positive qualities of this material is an infinite number of colors, easy to use and care, the availability of an assortment of models, combined with a sturdy metal frame.