How to artificially age the wooden furniture


Antiques have always been in vogue. The presence of the house of antiques gives solemnity brings a wealth of interior. Artificial aging wooden furniture is the process of giving subjects the external appearance of articles covered with soot, patina, damaged by beetles wood-borers and changed the color and texture as a result of secular climatic and mechanical influences. This form for example has naturally aged wood construction of churches, residential buildings VII-XIX centuries, antique furniture. The unique flavor of old things encourages developers of modern styled antique furniture, interiors and sometimes facades of buildings.

Also, recently, in the interior design was often used method of combining antique and modern items. However, not everyone can afford to buy quite expensive and really old stuff. Fortunately, there are techniques to artificially age the one or the other piece of furniture. The atmosphere of retro style, you can create an entirely with your own hands without putting more material resources.  To care about reclaimed wood furniture is not a hard work.

Thus, the tree must maintain their mechanical properties and vary only in appearance. A similar effect is achieved through three main methods of treatment of wooden surfaces: a chemical, mechanical and thermal.

You can artificially age ceramics, wrought metal, brass, wood. There are several key technologies. Let`s discussed about them.

To buy artificially made old furniture


This technology is based on the application of artificial abrasions. First the thing is painted in a color similar to the old tree. Than places of the alleged scuffs smear with paraffin. After that, cover the furniture with light paint and grind.

Painting with a special brush

Painting with a special brush gives the subject aged and worn look. For the first it is necessary to process the surface with a brush. This will remove soft fiber. Then, the appeared pores dye in the stands out color? For example white, if the base is a black oak. Painting with a special brush is one of the most effective operations as a result.


This technique allows you to create a green patina on bronze. You will need to purchase composition to simulate the patina or use acrylic paints combining different colors.


This is a technique for creating craquelure — an artificial cracks in furniture. Special composition is applied to surface a few minutes later after painting. It creates a desired crack. Also, you can use two-component spray paints and varnishes.


Decoupage is one of the most ancient ways to age the wooden furniture. The method is reduced to sticking to a thing specially carved images, which are coated with varnish then and sometimes use special varnish.How to artificially aged decoupage?

Remember that not every piece of furniture can artificially aged. To get the desired result, it is necessary that the furniture was made of pine, oak or beech. For example, choose a chair. If there are decorative items or accessories, they should be removed.

The chair must be cleaned of varnish or paint, treating dense sand paper. The cleaned surface should be impregnated with acrylic paint, which has a dark gray or brown tint. Leave the chair for a while before it dries. Now the tree will get relief surface, which will have clearly expressed texture. Try usie the cutter to remove the soft fibers on the front of the chair. Fasten the result with acrylic paint.

The tree must acquire a dark color like it was laid for a long time. This should be clearly visible texture. After that you need to cover the surface of the chair with a transparent water-based varnish. Then you can start decorating. On the seat you can put embroidered pillow. You need to attach it with ribbons or furniture stapler.

Aging the thing is not so difficult, apply imagination, and the result will make you happy.