How to care about reclaimed wood furniture

The correct care about reclaimed wood furniture is a guarantee of its long storage. Beautiful and elegant wood furniture has always been the decoration of each house. It isn`t just ennoble interior but it be a major and integral part. Correctly chosen reclaimed wood furniture tells you about good taste and preferences of its owner. But it would be a crime to buy such a luxury and don`t know how to properly care of it.

When you buy wooden furniture it is necessary to buy air humidifier. Especially if you plan to put it near heating devices because constant influence of heat will lead to occurrence on a surface of cracks, damage and wrinkled a plywood covering. The wooden furniture can lose the original color if it will be under direct solar beams.

Careful handling is the main aspect in the care about wood furniture. Never move the furniture across the floor to avoid damage it`s parts. Remember, that the paint and patina which may be damaged by improper handling can not be recovered.

Wooden furniture requires regular dusting and polishing. Wet cleaning for such purposes is not suitable. Better to use a dry and soft cloth then it will be better to handle it with special surface abstergent to prevent the dust settling.

You can use a soft brush to remove dust from the decorative and carved parts of furniture. Brass, bronze and metal parts needed to clean with liquid ammonia until a natural shine. But you shouldn`t polish the gold-plated and brass handles because it may damage the finish.

Care for reclaimed wood furniture

Use a clean wax and a soft shoe brush to clean wooden furniture with the gentlest way. First you need to clean surface then polish it with a cloth napkin. Remember, that combination of a felt brush and ax will damage the surface of expensive interior because it remove from the surface two or three layers of patina.

Modern proprietary cleaners are not suitable for the care of wood furniture. Also don`t use traditional home remedies such as olive oil, lemon juice and meth.

If you need a deep polish of reclaimed wood furniture which you need to do two times a year, the best choice is to appeal to dedicated restoration workshop. But if it is not possible you need to buy a special detergent which consist of natural wax or use the method above. After applying the polish let it dry and processes the surface of the flannel cloth.

If a flower pot or vase left a dark mark on the furniture does not rush to use a stain remover, wait two or three weeks until the stain has dried completely. Most of these troubles disappear by themselves.

To care about upholstery fabric you need use a special brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.

 Also you should to check for a beetle-borers presence in the wooden furniture at least three times a year. You learn about their presence when you see perforations and wood dust. In this case you need to use a special insecticide to terminate them immediately. But it is better to consult with restorer.

Remember, the repair of defective or inadequate care of reclaimed wood furniture will significantly reduce the cost and reduce your income from the sale of the product in the shop.

Follow all recommendations and contact a qualified specialists, then the sale of reclaimed wood furniture and possession will be for you an enjoyable and profitable.