How to choose a child bedroom furniture?

Almost all parents when the child reaches the age of 3 years trying to organize his own personal space, that is, provide child bedroom. The first efforts in creating the interior is quite pleasant childhood: my mother meticulously chosen wallpaper and curtains, fathers are working on insulation. But when it comes to buying furniture, most parents are at an impasse: what furniture of all range of chic shops really fits the child? A lot of beds, tables and chairs, dressers and closets are called children, but not all of these interior can ensure comfort, safety and long life. What should I look for when buying children’s furniture?


Very often in the shops, you can see how parents pick up children’s room furniture the color of the wallpaper. Think about the color of interior is really necessary, but preference is not of the crib, or cabinet, which is in harmony with the colors of carpet, curtains or decorating materials. Not all moms and dads know that too bright colors excite the nervous system, and their large amount of room in the psychological pressure on the child. All doses should be red, orange, emerald green, dark blue, bright yellow color is good in moderation. In this case, they will encourage the child to fun games and cheer up. Children’s furniture pastel colors such as beige (including the natural wood color), lemon, lime, blue and purple, not just like a child, but also visually increase the space, add him to the world.


Pediatricians and orthopedists are so fond of repeating that the furniture should grow with your child. This does not mean that every year, parents will have to run to the store for a new place to sleep. Originally must choose the right bed for children. Its length should be 20-30% greater than the growth of the child, and width — enough for a comfortable sleep in any position — on the back, side, stomach, in the fetal position, or a runner (knee to his stomach tighten.) Nothing should distract the child during sleep, such as walls, hanging cabinets or shelves. Do not forget about orthopedic mattress, in fact it will provide adequate support for the spine.Hanging cabinet in bed room


To assess the quality of furniture is not as difficult as you might think. Check furniture for stability: swing it from side to side. High-quality furniture on the floor is flat, it is not easy to overturn, also visually it looks fragile. Boxes should be easily opened, loosing their unacceptable. Be sure to hold your hand over all surfaces of furniture for the detection of irregularities, ill-treated areas. Shaggy children’s furniture with knots can be simply dangerous. Really, what parent will like to remove a splinter from the delicate hands and feet of the kid? Is it good if the child is afraid to touch the furniture in your own room? It is worth paying attention to the structure of the interior: the sharp corners and protrusions can cause serious injury, so it’s better to give preference to the sleek furniture. Please be aware that the seller must be a sanitary-epidemiological certificates for children’s furniture.


At a cost of baby furniture is not always possible to judge its quality, though very small figure on the price list should be alerted. Usually, parents try to buy their children the most precious that can not afford. Of course, my dear children’s furniture from the array is clean and last a long time, but whether these are justified costs of furnishings that will last 5-7 years? I doubt it. If you want to buy high quality furniture for relatively little money, you should pay attention to the furniture from laminated chipboard class E1, it is absolutely safe for the child’s health.Hanging cabinet for bedroom


Unfortunately, not every child’s room is large. At times, placing in it a bed, wardrobe, table, chair and dresser, parents understand that the seats for the game completely gone. Do not be upset if the baby is too small — combined systems save space and enjoy absolutely every child. And it has something to get excited. For example, children’s complex «Subject» successfully combines a spacious bed, desk, and several species of drawers, ready to hide in the depths of their bedding, toys, clothes and stationery. This children’s complex will be a place for comfortable sleeping, drawing, making crafts, exciting games and storage.