Mounting and adjustment of furniture hinges

 You probably know the problem: after a while the door of the kitchen cabinets break away hinges. If you figure out what was going on, do not be too difficult to solve the problem, because in large amount of cases you need only readjust the hinges.

 Door mounted on hinges and cup hinges swing open at a certain angle. When closing the hinges are like «pull» door leaf. Plowing mechanism is designed such a way that when you open the door, it does not go over the side of the cabinet, as in conventional hinges.Фрезы мебельные

 Constructive benefits of loops with the joints obvious. Into each other cabinets, for example, in the usual set of kitchen cabinet doors are forming a solid surface without grooves. Such feature of furniture sets allows efficient use of available space.

You will need for installation furniture hinges: face milling cutter diameter 35 mm, drill,  hammer, awl, pencil, screwdriver or curly (cross) screwdriver.

The exact mounting

 The main hitch with the door is the exact retention mechanism assembly. The weak link is the small screws retaining left and right of the plate-type hinges. If both hinge not adjusted, the screws can shatter and even fall out.

 Since the basic elements of kitchen and other furniture made mostly of particle board, there is a risk of loosening of hinges. In this case it is necessary to twist thicker screws or shift all the loops.

Fixing furniture hingesФрезы мебельные

 Furniture hinge with the joints attached to the inner side of the cabinet. There are different ways of screwing, including fixing with dowels.

 Belleville joints must be sitting very accurate, so you will need for mounting a so-called annular drill. Pointed tip is his central guide, knives milled poppet hole very evenly and very accurately. As all of belleville hinges diameter of 35 mm, it makes sense to buy this special drill bit.

 Outline the hole on the door leaf is easy, if you define the baseline for the mounting plate on the side wall. Keep the door exactly at the built-in design, lean it against the side wall. Move the base line on the leaf. Then measure the distance from the side wall and drill a hole poppet.

  1. Determine the location of the door, drawing attention to the fact that the top and bottom gap remained for a free opening and closing the door.Фрезы мебельные

  2. Draw a right angle to the front of the main line. Using a template mark the holes for the screws.

  3. Circular drill do belleville hole required depth. Thanks centering tip drill is very accurate.

  4. Focusing on the the markup attach the mounting plate. The bottom right Screw delay last after leveling.

  5. In this model, different from the usual tape door lever position is regulatedby the average propeller.

In order to do this work at home no special training is required. If you are used to working with your hands and can easily cope with this task.

Aligning furniture hinges

Фрезы мебельные Фрезы мебельные Фрезы мебельные


 Adjustment mechanism built into the arm band. With the three screws you can move the door in three planes. Lateral adjustment (A), height adjustment (B) and depth (C) may be due to the situation depicted in red adjusting screw. This way you can adjust the position of the door.