Reclaimed teak furniture

The most important thing in any business is details. Take a look at your garden — you put a lot of effort to ensure that it was actually great, but it is still something missing. Probably the best place in the garden will be exactly the space where you can sit with friends, sit for hours, talking and enjoying life. This is why you may need reclaimed teak furniture. It can make your gatherings comfortable and the garden will look just perfect.



Why does reclaimed teak furniture is so good for outdoor relaxation?


The fact is that reclaimed teak furniture has properties substantially different from any other. An array of teak is so rich in natural oils that they protect the nature of wood from harmful influences of cold, water and sun.Reclaimed teak wood office furniture

In addition, teak has a very interesting feature. Even after you have bought furniture from this tree, you can choose its color. If you want to keep the warmth and tenderness of natural shade you should handle the wood surface with special tools that will protect your furniture from discoloration. It does not affect the properties of the material so most of the owners of such furniture leave it untreated. The result is a perfect shade of silver on the surface of the furniture. Excellent example of such a durability may be the fact that it is teak, most manufacturers of yachts make their most expensive and exclusive copies.

Teak furniture will serve you and your family for over seventy years, that will give your garden a special color and create a good family tradition.



History of teak furniture


Teak anciently famous for its good quality, it began to be used in the nineteenth century. This means that the material actually passes the test of time. Since then, teak began to be used in virtually all types of garden furniture all over the world, including those of legislators garden fashion as England or France.Reclaimed wood furniture teak

All furniture is made of a material at a high level of quality. Absolutely all joints are well treated and you will not see a single difference in quality between different docked materials. The fact is that for the production of such furniture is used only premium-grade wood. Such wood originates from Indonesia, where the teak tree is grown on huge stages, adapted by nurseries. This is where tempers this timber.



Properties of teak wood


In addition, its natural properties can show us one more amazing fact.Due to the high content of oils in the wood, this wood will never decay, which is an advantage especially for garden furniture.

Teak furnituresThe different beetle does not like high oil content in a tree structure, it provides its with additional protection. Without any treatment, you will receive an exclusive copy of the excellent outdoor furniture. Usually, in order to get the furniture at least close as possible to the existing one, should be a long time to process it, and a variety of ways to protect against rot and parasites, but here is the tree itself has such excellent natural properties that they just difficult to compare any other type of wood.

Unlike cheap imitations, garden furniture, extra-class is not afraid of these details, like rain or water from a garden hose. Buying a contemporary garden reckaimed teak furniture, you become the owner of the artwork, which is a valuable example of fortitude and ergonomics. All bends, ranging from support for the back up armrests, specially designed to deliver its owner convenience and comfort.

And finally, the last remarkable feature of this furniture is as follows. Teak furniture does not need to specifically handle and it does not require special care.

This is exactly what the furniture is so unique!