How to make a dining table from reclaimed wood

Как сделать стол своими руками?No doubt you can make a dining table from reclaimed wood by your hands. For this fit any recycled wood. Reclaimed wood diner table is sure to complement your home.

Reclaimed wood is called wood gold. This is thanks to its golden hue as well as for extraordinary durability. To get this timber dismantle old boats, piers, old houses. The elder material is more valuable for this. Recovered wood is not warped and it is completely absent strain.

Recycled wood is an ideal material for furniture. This is due to the fact that this material is environmentally friendly. Furniture made of wood is usually a simple form, but it just gives it a unique look and emphasizes the extraordinary beauty of the wood.

Collection of materials for the reclaimed wood dining table

For the manufacture of the table I used boards from an old barn which was located at an abandoned farm on the outskirts of our town. I used three board size of 4 x 10 inches by 6 feet, which I got from the 25-foot board.

As for making the table you need carpenter’s glue, nails and feet. I made the feet of lumber found myself in the same old barn.

We need such instruments: a hammer, pliers to remove the nails, a circular saw, a square, a chisel, rubber mallet, sander and screwdriver.

Recovery and preparation of woodКак сделать стол своими руками?

I warn you that if you are restoring the old hardwood you will stained, as this is a difficult and dusty. The first thing to do is get rid of all the nail with a hammer and pliers. This work should spend carefully as any metal remaining in the wood can ruin your tools in further processing. You can use a metal detector unless you have it there to ensure quality of work done. Then you need to use a sander with coarse sandpaper to remove debris from the surface of the wood.

Then I saw, and by gon drove all the angles to be 90 degrees. I used my circular saw, but to use the machine would be much more convenient. Ideally it would use dzhointer, but I have no idea, so I use a tool that I have available.

Assembling the reclaimed wood dining table

In order to glue the boards together with domino I cut grooves in the wood. Then brushing glue boards joined together planks additionally hold them together with nails. So I got a table top, it was necessary to dry to gain strength.

Attaching the legs and surface grindingТенісний стіл своїми руками

I polished all the surfaces of the splinters. They became smooth and pleasant to the touch. At first I used sandpaper number 60 and reached number 220. Time to grind was spent. I consider this a very important, as is now well discern the texture of wood. Then I attached the legs previously prepared surface of the ground.

Covering reclaimed wood dining table with protective lacquer

For this purpose I used a penetrating resin General Finishes Arm R. She applied ochent well and looks great. Be sure to put a few layers of varnish, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly. This is necessary to prevent damage to the wood moisture or hot appliances.

I hope manufacturing reclaimed wood diner table with your own hands will not cause you trouble. All the more is always nice to look at the work that you yourself did.

By making or purchasing a reclaimed wood diner table you make contribution to environmental protection. No material will make your home as «green.»