Reclaimed wood flooring in your home

There is no better variant for the floor than wood, but if you want to save the environment, take a look at reclaimed wood, which has high strength and ability to styling to any home interior. Just do not use wood panels containing formaldehyde and other VOCs.

Warmth and style of reclaimed wood floors

One of the main attractions of the  reclaimed wood is the fact that each piece is unique in terms of its texture and grain, making it a truly unique product. A wide range of wood species widely represented a range of colors, which can be enhanced by coloring and finishing.Wood floors in bathroom

Choosing a reclaimed wood flooring

If you decide that the wood floor is ideal flooring for your home, you are presented with a number of different types of wood to choose from. Each of these categories includes the following criteria:

Color. There are three basic colors of wood: cream, red or brown. Age of the tree is the main factor determining the color of the wood, the young trees is much easier to determine the age, than the more mature. Light tree species, tend to be much more suited to a variety of elements in any room decor.

Hardness. Given the fact that your reclaimed wood floor will always be under presure, the movement of furniture on it and many other activities, it is logical that you should be aware of the hardness of your tree. Select reclaimed hardwoods for maximum strength.

Widthof the boards. This characteristic, together with the direction of stacked boards and a combination of tree species will affect the appearance of the room.

Trends of reclaimed wood flooring

Manufacturers have tracked trends in the sector, and noted the main ones, based on their interactions with their clients:

  • In terms of species, the most popular are and often bought reclaimed wood floors black cask wood, Murray and spotted gum.

  • Homeowners often choose very wide and long boards for the floor to visually enlarge the space.

  • Floors from environmentally friendly materials are becoming more popular, especially reclaimed wood because of its strength and incredibly beautiful appearance.

Warm floors for bathrooms – try to use reclaimed wood flooring

Bathroom is a small island to recuperate and harmony. Here you can relax, de-stress from the day’s worries. Water treatments in minutes relieve fatigue and give a huge energy boost. To find your time in the bathroom as comfortable as possible, the temperature of all interior rooms should be appropriate. Wooden floor is very warm and cozy, so the best suited for the bathroom. Due to the high humidity of the room, not every type of wood is suitable for laying floors in the bathroom. The unique properties of reclaimed wood in full meet all the requirements that apply to flooring in the bathroom.Teak wood bathroom flooring

You can use the reclaimed teak. Various species of teak grown in Myanmar, India, Thailand and Malaysian peninsula. As a rule, the teak reaches a height of 150 feet and a trunk diameter up to 5 feet. Mature teak wood is dark brown, almost black, and has a high strength. The first teak plantations planted by the Europeans refer to 1650, when the British began to use this noble and sustainable material in the production of their huge skeletons of sailing ships. Teak has been able to withstand extreme weather conditions during the long journey. Later, the Danes created for teak new significant reputation as they used this wood in the production of durable and beautiful furniture. Reclaimed board of teak perfectly varnished and polished, extremely resistant to rot and mold. Reclaimed teak demand for the flooring in wet areas.Reclaimed wood bathroom floors

The emergence of new finishing materials sometimes force us to reconsider our notions of comfort. Until recently, the ceramic tiles for the bathroom was considered the only material that meets all the requirements for water resistance and durability. But as soon as at the market of finishing materials appeared reclaimed wood parquet, many peoples began to prefer it for floor covering. The difference between teak planks and ceramic tiles is that teak not slippery when it wet and teak contribute to creating in the bathroom a pleasant climate, have the ability to store and release heat, which is important to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bathroom. Resistance to moisture and aggressive chemicals makes reclaimed wood flooring ideal for creating stylish, comfortable and homey warm your bathroom. Without a doubt reclaimed wood flooring is the most beautiful flooring.