An old barn boards and furniture in the interior in the fusion style


Fusion combines modern and retro elements

Some think that the old barn boards and reclaimed wood furniture can only be used for interior decoration in a rustic style, which means that fans of antiquity will be demanded on it. This thought is wrong. Fusion style is extremely popular in all areas today, including the interior design. This style involves the merger of different, often opposing stylistic currents in the same interior. Thus, fusion style allows the introduction into the interior of antique elements, including decoration of the old reclaimed wood and antique furniture.Reclaimed wood furniture net

Fusion is quite obvious and positive example of the globalization of modern culture, because this style incorporates the most conflicting motives and principles of the organization of the different national traditions of living space.

Unlike eclecticism in which objects of different cultures more depersonalized, fusion involves the creation of harmonious relations between the elements. Most importantly to the final stage is that all components have to combine into one and form an organic living space. This style is based on three pillars: color, texture and materials. And many designers are betting precisely on materials, because here their expressive possibilities are almost endless. In particular, a significant contribution to the interior can make old wood: old reclaimed barn board, antique furniture, wooden decorative elements of the houses, such as trim or skates.

As part of this style is better to abandon the cold and slippery glossy surfaces and stay on the textures of nature. Reclaimed wood can coexist with natural stone, homespun canvas, leather and so on.Reclaimed wood furniture net

Fusion is always a provocation and rage, so we can say that this style is more common for young and determined people. The role of an reclaimed wood in the interior is also in the fact that it will give it a chic and bring home owner a higher status level. It unobtrusively will emphasize on the fact that the owner of the home is a man with excellent taste, considerable wealth and high social aspirations. Thus, with the help of this great material modern man can reconcile two conflicting desires: both afford complete freedom and express his position in society.

The practical advantages of the reclaimed wood

Some people have such a question: why use the reclaimed wood when you can always cut a fresh, especially in USA, where the problem with the forests is not yet acute. It may seems that the desire to use reclaimed wood for decoration and furniture is only a fad of wealthy people and only affects the interior status. However, we hasten to assure you that the product of reclaimed wood before fresh does have a number of advantages of a practical nature.

The fact is that the felled, sawn and processed hundreds years ago tree is much more stable material in comparison with fresh planks and less subject to all the processes of deformation, especially warping. Of course, the new tree is subjected to drying process, but even after a good-quality dried, no one can predict the behavior of a subject made of this wood. Old, aged for hundreds of years wood already undergone any changes that might affect it. The consumer gets the most stable material that will not present him any unpleasant surprises.Reclaimed wood furniture net

In addition, an important advantage of the antique wood is that over the years, its texture acquires special features that deliver highly profitable accents in the interior. Such «defects» like the holes of the nails, the marks of tools, such as a saw or an ax, and the holes which that pierce bark beetle over the centuries  are not a drawback  for the ancient barn boards.

On the contrary, these details create special time aura around the products made of this wood, because they are a proof of their «historicity», rarity and exclusivity. Special relief and rich color palette are undeniable aesthetic benefits of reclaimed wood.

As the old granary boards have their own unique history that left a mark on various irregularities, dents and scratches, the designers try to reveal the beauty of this history to submit all the features of the reclaimed wood and to inhale a new life in this old stuff. Interior in the rustic style, fusion style or Ecostyle become truly unique with this material.