Reclaimed wood in the interior


How to make furniture and do not harm the environment? You can use the reclaimed wood. Most of recovered furniture is created from a reclaimed antique teak wood. In South and South-East Asia where teak is growing it is called «wooden gold» for the strength, hardness, and a beautiful golden brown color. Boats, ships, bridges and houses are build from teak. But what is most surprising — tick can live several lives in different capacities. On the islands of Indonesia such as Bali, Java, Sulawesi, Lombok teak has been recycled for years. Manufactures make out dilapidated houses, piers and fishing boats make furniture: chairs, tables, dressers, sideboards, beds. In this case, everyone wins: wood which was sawn and used many years ago is more convenient to handle, and the texture of antique teak soon becomes only more attractive and pleasant to the touch.Reclaimed wood furniture net

The relatively low cost replacement option of antique furniture unavailable to many people, could be furniture made from reclaimed wood, which is mostly teak.

Teak wood has mostly golden-brown shades and large texture. Oily substances in the wood cause high resistance to humidity, the wood is almost impossible to rot. Teak has been used for the construction of ships and it is a popular material for building houses and furniture.

All these qualities make it possible to use the wood teak many times. In South-East Asia fishing boats, piers and old wooden houses are dismantled and sorted. Then logs and boards are used for other buildings. Boards are mainly used for making furniture. Sometimes manufacurers use whole elements of the old buildings, for example, a new bed headboard are framed doors. It all depends on the imagination and skill of a carpenter. Recycled teak is called antique teak.Sideboard recycled teak vintage Indonesia Java

Furniture made from reclaimed wood is very popular in Europe and North America today, after all, teak reputation akin to elite wine — the older it is, the better. Furniture manufacturers of these countries quickly assessed the prospects of antique teak and quickly turned the local cottage industry to a successful production.

Reclaimed wood, which has undergone the processes many years ago, has advantages over the new wood — old material is less warp, less susceptible to distortions in comparison with the new wood, all the risks that are inevitably present in any new material are left behind.

Appearance and texture of teak eventually becomes a more interesting and shows relief, roughness and scratches. The natural texture of wood and appear over time, relief dictates the choice of simple and concise form in the manufacture of furniture. Reclaimed furniture is designed for lovers of authenticity and simplicity, for those who prefer manual work and in things with history.Interior reclaimed wood doors

Reclaimed wood is used in the interior not only as a furniture. More and more, we hear the phrase «barn wood» — these material is from old barns of XVIII-XIX centuries (primarily American) used to finish floors, walls and ceilings.

Reclaimed barn wood is a very stable material, its structure is well established: the wood for decades absorb moisture and dry up, and after many «cycles», as a result has become an ideal material for use in the interior. Even in the pools and fireplaces portals.

Fashion for reclaimed wood coincided with the popularization of the ideas of recycling — the maximum possible preservation of natural resources, including through the re-use.