Tables made of reclaimed wood


Do you want to know the additional advantages of reclaimed wood table? This is one of the most environmentally friendly variants! Here’s what you need to know.

What is a table made of recycled wood?

Reclaimed wood tables are ordinary wooden tables, which are made from wood salvaged from the structures of buildings, bridges, docks, factories, ext. This wood still has a great look and even more reliable than conventional wood. In addition, recycled wood often looks more beautiful than new because of its distinctive look.Reclaimed wood dining table

Why to use recycled wood in the manufacture of tables?

Recovered wood is ideal for tables for a number of reasons. First, it is a very eco-friendly because it uses wood that otherwise would have gone to landfill. In addition, tables from recycled wood is incredibly attractive, because they have a characteristic charm that can not be compared with any other material. And really there is nothing like the warmth and beauty of wood table. If you care for a table of recycled wood properly, it will serve for many years.Reclaimed wood table

Types of reclaimed wood

One common type of recycled wood are a solid slabs. They are made from one piece of wood. The other type is a mount with two wooden boards, which have a width of about 100-170 mm. Generally speaking, a table made from recycled wood will have a thickness of 35 mm, and the length will depend on your needs. Thicker surface, for example, is ideal for cutting meat.Reclaimed wood table

The next thing that will affect the price, the weight of the chosen table. Usually, there are two variants — the table of ordinary wood or table from recycled wood. New wood — a material from a variety of solid wood species. You can even find tables of bamboo is that look fantastic, even unbelievable how environmentally friendly bamboo can be so durable material. Reconstituted wood is a timber, which is made from salvaged or recycled wood, which comes from places such as collapsed buildings, factories, wharves, bridges and so on. This wood, which still retained its structure is in excellent condition and it is full of beauty and has excellent performance. As with conventional wood, recovered wood is represented by different species and varieties of trees.

In most cases, the tables from recycled wood will cost a lot less expensive than those made of conventional new tree, but this is not always the case. The cost of the table will depend on how the rare species of trees are used for its production (the more rare type of wood, the more expensively will cost the table), and on how the table is made. For example, a table of solid slabs of recycled Blekbata may well cost more than the table of unprocessed pine.Wood table

The cost of reclaimed wood table

Your new table from recycled wood can be delivered to you at any stage, only roughly polished or completely ready. The cost of such a table would depend on size, of what breed it is made and consists of one solid slab or multiple boards connected together. If you need to know the exact amount of value, you need to give your future table completely drawing, specify the exact size, cut-outs for the sink and built-in equipment, and experts will calculate the exact cost.Wood table

Types of tables from recycled wood

Another issue that is often interested buyers of tables from recycled wood is what materials are available. Here are some types:

  • Blekbat
  • Mixed red
  • Mixed ash
  • Brashboks
  • Spotted gum
  • OregonWood table