What is vintage?

So popular, even fashionable today, the word «vintage» is known to almost all. But not everyone realizes its true meaning. Unlike most fashion trends of the present which reflecting the desire of progress vintage is a return to the past, to the garments “from grandmother’s trunk”, jewelry handmade, antique furniture and accessories, old records, and slightly yellowed photos in elegant frames.

The word «vintage» was borrowed from French and was first put into use by winemakers. Originally, the word «vintage» is especially used for the classification of rare and expensive wines, many years were kept in cellars. Accordingly, the longer the period of exposure the drink is more valuable and noble. These wines have always had a special taste, flavor and aroma.

In the modern sense “vintage” is not slang term from professional winemakers but the designation of a stylistic direction. Of course, the vintage no one and never will oppose the everyday and more familiar to us trends and styles. For example, no glossy magazine will not really draw a parallel between the vintage dresses and clothing in the style of casual, interiors and antique furniture made of glass and metal, a gramophone and an MP3 player, but the fashion industry operates quite active this style. Some are even inclined to believe that the so-called return to roots is not nothing but a protest against boring and dull the glamor, but this opinion is a few primitive.

What is old wood used for furniture called?Modern people looks at the world with wide open eyes and always ready to accept something new and non-standard, which lies beyond the understanding of fashion, tradition, the things that goes beyond the usual picture of the world. This «new» and «fresh» trend become a charming, touching and delicate vintage. The point here is not to impose what is important and fashionable. On the contrary, this phenomenon is a direct proof that the true values will never fall in price. The commercial component is also present here of course. The owners of antique shops benefit from the growing interest in antiques because this is a good excuse to raise prices and profit.

Restoration workshops don`t stay on the sidelines. Even a small repair of antique furniture is worth the money, not to mention the full restoration! And yet, the trend is positive. Respect to the antique furniture, paintings, photographs is, first of all, concern for the future, because only then can we save a priceless heritage of the past and pass it to future generations.