Wood furniture restoration: technology, receptions and features

       Restoration may be necessary both ancient furniture and the modern subjects of the interior which has become unusable as a result of improper use, storage or care. No matter what kind of furniture in question, all the work on its restoration conditionally divided into two phases. First is repair or design strengthening, and second is restoration of paint and varnish covering. The first stage is not very difficult and demands only presence of certain skills and tools. But restoration of a covering of furniture cannot be qualitatively executed by you own skills.

       If you try to do everything by yourself you can take a bed result instead of the desired. For example, trying to cover up a small scratch or crack you risk turning it into a more serious defect. Master restorer copes with the work much faster and more efficiently. He has not only all the necessary knowledge, equipment and materials, but also has extensive experience. Moreover, timeous and competent small correction of deficiencies will cost you less expensive than the full replacement of the coverage. In addition, if you will work by yourself you will not be immune from mistakes. The result of these mistakes will be that the wooden furniture will be irreparably damaged. You need to know exactly what paints were used initially, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and own money.

       Often the owners are trying to restore their wooden furniture in the home and as a result are forced to simply throw away an expensive and valuable thing because workshops doesn`t want to fix their mistakes or prescribe too high price. Sometimes the cost of restoration is significantly higher than the cost of the furniture. Every detail of wooden furniture is unique and inimitable and requires very careful use.

Reclaimed wood furniture net       But the restoration of modern furniture that is difficult and responsible task. For production of modern furniture are used a variety of materials some of which have very specific properties. An experienced restorer at the first examination can accurately determine what materials were used in the manufacture. Therefore, he practically guarantees you a high quality restoration.

        It is no coincidence that the wooden furniture, accessories and other decorative elements attract attention. They have the incomparable charm, elegance and grace, which is not in the modern interior objects. No cutting-edge design, practicality and functionality can not be compared with the charm of old furniture, upholstered with fabrics and adorned elite carved by hand finely. Each product is a work of art and at same time is the result of hard work. Undoubtedly, this furniture deserves to be treated as a relic. But unfortunately even the most beautiful and high-quality furniture can be damaged over time. What can we say about the fabric upholstery? It loses its former brightness and the structure of the material wears out and becomes thinner over time. All this is the most negative effect on the appearance: expensive chairs and sofas are no longer making an impression, antique bedroom is no longer strike a luxury and dining sets look dull and unattractive. Of course, to part with your favorite furnishings are very hard.

       We assure you that there is a solution! Contacting professional restoration workshops will help restore your furniture to its former appeal. The wooden furniture that has lost a magnificent view will enjoy you with beauty and convenience. Moreover, high quality refurbishment will significantly extend its service life.

        Restoration workshops may offer you the following services today:

       Full or partial restoration of the skeleton of furniture, replacement of the filler, the restoration of lost decorative elements of finishing;

       Elimination of mechanical damage of tables, sofas, chairs, and so on;

       Elimination of defects of the kitchen and the restoration of old wooden furniture, any repairs of antique furnishings;