Wooden Furniture

Wood as a material for the manufacture of furniture has been used for more than one hundred years. Even despite the fact that that there are many development of new technologies and new materials for the manufacture of furniture wooden furniture never goes out of fashion. And even more, during the centuries of working with wood of different species, the skill of its processing has reached an incredible level and allows you to create truly magnificent wooden furniture. Also a lot of experience allowed us to determine what type of wood suited the best for the manufacture of furniture and which can not be used at all for different reasons.

When you choose wooden furniture you have to pay attention on it appearance. It depends on the quality and texture of the wood. And if the look of furniture can be evaluated during a shopping trip, then on such properties of wood as hardness, strength, propensity to strain can not be detected in advance. 

Wooden furniture is more aliveThere are three main groups of tree species which differ in density: soft, hard and very hard.

Soft rocks group include cedar, fir, spruce, pine, aspen, juniper, linden, chestnut, alder, willow, poplar.

Solid species include: oak, birch, beech, larch, sycamore, elm, ash, apple, walnut, ash, elm.

By the very hard rocks are: acacia, hornbeam, yew, pistachio tree, boxwood.

Of course, that the harder type of wood is, the stronger is furniture. But this does not mean that in the manufacture of furniture using only solid breeds of wood. Each type of wood has many properties which makers of furniture can turn into advantages.

A very important role in the manufacture of furniture has the final step -the finishing. Wooden furniture can be completely different look by using different ways of finishing. There are three ways of finishing: staining, painting, varnishing. To improve the effect can be used several ways:  staining and varnishing for example. In addition to improving the visual effect, these methods allow the finishing to extend the life of the furniture.

Energetics of different types of wood


People have different attitudes to the statement that every object has its own power. On this subject, there is whole doctrine and people spend studying this aspect for many centuries. Therefore, it is believed that the tree may have an impact on the human condition. And according to the type of influence there are three types of trees.

Trees — «vampires». This type of trees is able to absorb the surrounding energy. These include poplar, aspen, chestnut, spruce, willow, wild cherry.

 Trees — «donor». This type of trees radiate positive energy and gives a man inner strength. These are the trees like acacia, birch, oak, ash, maple.

Trees — «neutrals». These are the remaining trees.Wooden furniture is more alive

For this reason, people believe that the use of furniture made from a material of trees — «Vampire» in the interior of the home is impossible. This situation is obtained by two-fold. Such furniture can magnet negative emotions and painful condition, but if you contact with it for a long periods it starts to absorb the positive energy that can cause disease. With regard of energy absorption is very strong aspen.

Wooden furniture belongs to the category of expensive furniture. To reduce the cost of furniture manufacturers produced less expensive materials which is laminated chipboard. Modern technologies have reached a level that it is difficult to distinguish between non-professional particleboard furniture from natural wood today. So it’s better to look at the cut of the details if you do not want to make the wrong choice. If not, then look closely to figure textures. On the chipboard this figure will be repeated and you can easily find the same patterns. The image of wood does not repeat his lines.

Although wooden furniture is durable it requires very specific treatment. In order to extend the life of the furniture you should not open the doors and boxes abruptly. Make sure that the mass was distributed evenly on the shelves. To care for the surface of the furniture you have to use only tools specifically adapted for this purpose. You only need to take care of your wooden furniture and it will delight you with its perfect view for many years.